Burlap Coffee Sack Tote Sewing Tutorial by Seamingly Smitten

Want to sew a BURLAP coffee sack into a TOTE?
I found this awesome burlap coffee sack in an antique shop in New Orleans a few months ago for $5! With that price tag I had to have it! The colorful bird reminded me of summer time and I though I could turn it into a large tote - to carry beach towels! Read more for a full tutorial!
Want to learn how? I'm made a quick and easy 10 step sewing tutorial! It took about 15 minutes total. Have a few free minutes this weekend? GO FOR IT!
 Materials Needed: 1 burlap coffee sack, scissors, straight edge, thread, sewing machine
*This bag will have raw strap edges - but I do not mind a bit of burlap fraying. It gives the bag a raw and repurposed look! But if you want you can cut your straps to 4 inches wide and fold the edges to the center then fold the strap in half to achieve a 1 inch hemmed strap. You can also double fold the hemmed top edge to hide the raw edges.
1. Lay the bag down flat and cut off the top and bottom so you have your front and back tote bag pieces. Mine measured 27 inches long by the width of the original bag, but make yours any shape!
2. Cut out 2 strips that are 2 inches wide by 22 inches long (or longer).

3. Since the left and right edges of the bag are already intact, simply turn the bag inside out and sew along the bottom of your bag. Finish the raw edges by zig-zag stitching or serging (you can also leave the raw edges - I did!).

4. To square off the bottom of the bag, center the side seam so the front and back of the bag make a triangular shape.
5. Pin to hold this shape. Use your straight edge to draw a perpendicular line 4 inches below the triangular point. If you want a larger bag "bottom" simply scoot your line further away from the point (at 6 inches).
6. Repeat for the other side. Then sew along your drawn lines. Trim threads.

7. Trim off the triangular point to reduce the bulk.
8. Center your straps 5 inches apart. Fold in the top of the tote bag one inch to hem. Slip the strap into this fold and pin so it's raw edges are hidden. Repeat for the other straps and pin around the entire hem.
9. Sew around the entire top edge using a 1 inch seam allowance, then again sew around the entire top edge using a 1/8 inch seam allowance. Trim threads.
10. You're done!

Happy Sewing!!
Jenny Hall

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