Sunset Sundress for Women

Sunset Sundress for Women - sewing TUTORIAL

Man it was hard deciding what type of sundress to make! I went back and forth between wanting to make a little girl's sundress or something for myself. I went with something for myself since I've been sewing for my kids lately. Time to add something special to this Momma's closet!


During the summer my husband and I have more date nights. The weather is warm, sunsets are gorgeous and there's nothing like being together. So how about a sexy, one-shouldered sundress to wear on a date night!?! Perfect!

1. Gather materials: dress from your closet made with the same material (to trace), your fabric (I used 1 yard of 60" wide rayon), scissors, pins, coordinating thread, iron, scissors, straight edge, sewing machine

2. Fold you fabric in half, matching your fabric selvage to selvage. We are going to cut a front and back piece out at the same time.

3. Lay your dress on top, centered.

4. Leaving a 3/8 inch seam allowance, trace from the underarm curve down to the hem + one inch further on one side only. (HINT: If your dress has elastic at the bodice or waist, stretch out the elastic to see the true width of my dress when tracing.)

5. From the bottom of that underarm curve angle up to the opposite shoulder seam with a gentle curve. Go across 6 inches (or more) to create the sleeve. This is simply the length you prefer. You could make it long-sleeved if you wanted!

6. Come down (9 inches for XS) for the sleeve opening.

7. Curve back in and down the side of the dress to the hem + one inch further. Cut out dress pieces. 

8.  **All seam allowances are 3/8 inches

Lay dress RST, pin and sew the shoulder seam. Serge or zig-zag stitch the edges. Press seam to the side.

9. Hem the entire neckline 1/4 inch then another 1/4 inch. Pin and sew as close to the double folded edge as you can.

10. Lay dress right sides together. Pin down the left side seam and then from the bottom edge of the "sleeve" down the right side seam. Sew down the pinned edges.

11. Hem the sleeve.

12. Hem the dress one inch. You're done!!

13. Plan a Summer Sunset Date Night and go WEAR IT!!!

 Happy Sewing and Happy Summer!

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