Halter Top Sewing Pattern For Women

Introducing The Sunni Halter Top sewing pattern for Women
sizes 0-18

Now that it is soooo incredibly hot down here in the South, I thought it was about time to create a halter top pattern for women. So many women are sewing for themselves and the one request I get most for lately is an easy top for women. I drew up so many tops - ruffle tops, bubble tops, strapless tops, but wanted something that would be flattering to all body styles. Most of my sewing patterns have been sleeveless and straps can always be added of course, but this time I wanted to have a little variety and make something that could be worn through the Fall. So I created a halter top that also had gathering at the waist, to be more flattering.

 Halter top style (Looks great on you, Allison!!!)
 gathering at the waist - figure flattering
 You can show off a print fabric that you love. You can even wear it with capris and jeans in the summer and jeggings or jeans in the fall with a flowy or drapey cardigan when it gets cooler.
I love a shirt that lasts!

A little background:

This sewing pattern is named after one of my dearest friends, Sunni. She and I have been best friends since I was 17 and she was 15. We met when we were teaching gymnastics at a summer camp together and instantly bonded. It was one of those friendships that developed instantly and has lasted 17 years. We have lived in separate cities, the same city, each had long-distance boyfriends (and since we are girls of course we cried about it and encouraged each other through it), we both had
long-distance engagements, both of us married our high school sweethearts, both lived in Atlanta at the same time, were pregnant around the same time and we laugh at how much our lives mimic each other, though she always goes through what I do, just a few years later since I'm older. Once my husband and I moved away from Atlanta and back to our hometown I thought it was never going to be the same. But since she is soooo awesome we talk every single day and have for years! Sunni, I am so thankful for you! This is the halter top I named after you - since you inspire me to be a better person - it is the least I could do!

(I love this print on you, Laurie!)
I hope you all had an awesome 4th! What have you all been sewing? Besides this I'm working on a bubble skirt for my little girl. I had a blog post with a tutorial about a year or two ago and cannot find it for the life of me - so I'm back to searching for the easiest tutorial. There are so many ways to make them and if you know me, I want a very simple construction that will give you a boutique look. If you have a bubble skirt tutorial that you can pass along, leave it in the comment section. I'd love to take a look! My little girl, Catherine, has some special fabric already picked out for her bubble skirt. :)

Have fun sewing all your crafty projects this week!

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