How to use a Twin Needle

TUTORIAL: How to use a Twin Needle

I learned something new yesterday that I just had to share! (Yes, even I learn new things when it comes to sewing!) I have always been hesitant to use my twin needle, but it is so simple! I'm going to show you how to use yours in 9 simple steps!! Ready? Let's LEARN!

How to sew with a Twin Needle
1. Gather materials: twin needle for your machine (mine came with my machine),
 a spool of thread and your extra spool pin 
HINT:(If you do not have an extra spool pin, you can just add your second spool of thread on top of your first spool of thread - just as easy!)
2. Close up shot of the twin needle. 
3. Attach your twin needle just as you would a regular needle. 
4. Thread the LEFT needle with the thread that is on your original spool. (You have not added the second spool yet, so just thread the needle as you normally do.)
5. Attach your extra spool pin in the hole on top of your machine. (If you do not have one, simply stack a short spool of thread on top of your other short spool of thread. They will both spin this way, too.)

6. Take the thread from your second spool of thread and thread your machine as you normally do. Insert this thread into the RIGHT needle.

7. Time to sew!! Lay your fabric RIGHT SIDE UP  - let me say that again - lay it RIGHT SIDE UP :) and sew as you normally would while hemming. I used the edge of my presser foot as a guide and kept the fabric lined up on it as I sewed around the entire shirt's hem.

8. You can see the double row of parallel straight stitches - very pretty!!

9. Close up the twin needle stitches!

10. Now go try it!! You can use your twin needle when finishing a hem, on cargo pockets, necklines, knits and more!

I'd love to hear what you think or if you gave it a try!
Happy Sewing!

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