Zipper Pouch Sewing Pattern

TUTORIAL: Zippered Pouch with Corners

The only way to learn something new in sewing is to try it, right? You should face that new skill head on, get out those scraps of fabric that don't mean anything and just give it a shot, right? Well last week I decided enough is enough! I'm not going to let a little zippered pouch scare me. I have sewn zippers into dresses and into skirts but that was about it. I had never tried making a zippered pouch before, so I started looking up tutorials that had TONS of pictures and then just went for it And guess what? It worked!
Since it was such an awesome feeling to use a zipper and make something for myself besides clothing, I wanted to share this tutorial with you all. You can do it, too! I've included tons of pictures for you. Try it out! Email me if you get stuck. I'm always happy to help.
The Zippered Pouch
(with boxed corner)
1. Gather materials: fabric, iron, pins, scissors, thread, sewing machine and a 9 inch zipper
2. Lay out your zipper and measure it from end to end. Mine was 10 and a half inches in length.
3. Cut out 2 pieces of your main fabric that measure: 9 inches long x 10.5 inches wide
4. Cut out 2 pices of your lining fabric that measure 9 inches long x 10.5 inches wide
 5. Lay one main fabric piece right side up. Place the zipper right side down along the top edge.

 6. Lay your lining fabric right side down on top of the fabric and zipper. Line up the top edge carefully. Pin.
7. Get your zipper foot ready.
 9. Sew along the top, pinned edge of your fabric. Keep the zipper foot as close to you can to the zipper's teeth. It should guide you along the way as you sew.

Open it up and check it out!

10. Lay down your other main piece of fabric right side up.
11. Place your sewn piece on top of it right side down. Line up the zipper to the top edge.
12. Lay your lining on top of all three layers. Line up the top edge and pin along the top edge. Make sure the zipper is lined up evenly in there.

13. Sew along the top, pinned edge again.

14. Spread out your layers and press with an iron. And it's okay to freak out a little because you just sewed a zipper! Woohoo!!!
 15. Topstitch on each side of the zipper.
16. Open your zipper a little more than halfway.
17. You will separate the four layers of fabric and match the main fabric right sides together and the lining fabrics right sides together and pin around the entire edge.
 18.  You will sew around the entire edge of your zippered pouch using a 5/8 inch seam allowance, but STOP SEWING 5 inches before your starting point. This will allow you to turn it inside out easily. **HINT: Start on the lining side when you sew.

**Just showing you the hole for turning.
19. Reach in and turn your zippered pouch inside out until it looks like this below:
 20. Use your iron to turn in the edge of the hole you previously left open. Sew along this open edge to close the hole.
 21. Push your lining inside your zippered pouch and SQUEAL with excitement!!! You did it!
Don't you LOVE the zipper!?!

Yep, you did that! Pat yourself on the back!

Want to give it some boxed corners so it can have more shape?
Go for it!

1. Turn your entire zippered pouch inside out.
 2. Lining up the side seam with the bottom seam, spread out your corner until it forms a triangle. I put two fingers inside the pouch and spread out my fabric carefully, then pin. Do this for both corners.

3. Sew one inch away from the corner. This gives your triangle a base.  Repeat for other corner.
 4. Turn it right side out again and check it out! Corners!!

5. Load that bag up with makeup, toiletries, some sewing name it...and you're ready to go! You can even make them as gifts, monogram them, make them for your kid's art supplies...the possibilities truly are endless.
I'd love to hear about it if you make one! If you send me a picture I might even post it on our Facebook page. I LOVE seeing what you make!
Happy Sewing, ladies!

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