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15 Gift Ideas for a Sewist (or Yourself!)
After conducting a survey in our facebook fan group and receiving hundreds and hundreds of responses, here are sewing tools that you cannot live without! I tried to roundup unique, usable and inspiring gifts to get your creativity flowing!! These make great gifts for friends, sewists and of course, yourself! I already ordered a few things :) 
1.  A good pair of scissors. BEST VALUE!! Scissors are my #1 most useful tool and they were the most recommended! If your scissors are not sharp it really slows you down, and we all can use a new pair every once in a while! You can get these 8 Inch Professional Tailoring Scissors for just $10 while they are on SALE (that's 50% OFF!) These are made of steel, have adjustable tension and are lightweight but very sharp. I ordered 2 pairs! :) 

2. A rotary cutter  I always thought rotary cutters were strictly for quilters, but when I have been cutting out cuffs and neckbands, there is no better way to get a smooth, straight edge. The Shop Company has this rotary cutter that comes with 2 blades for only $10.00 (on sale!).

 3. Replacement Blades - if your rotary cutter blade is getting dull, you should always have replacements on hand! Here is a set of 12 BLADES for $10.00 (reg. price $20).
4. Scissor Set with Snippers - If you really need to up your game, check out this Scissor Set!  It includes pinking shears, thread snippers (customer favorite) and YOUR CHOICE of the 8 inch professional lightweight scissors or the 10 inch heavyweight tailoring scissors. It all comes in a zippered pouch. 
5. Snippers! Snippers are for cutting those pesky loose threads that you need to cut super close to your fabric! These are made of steel and very sharp. You can also find them on amazon here.
6. Seam Rippers - Pretty much everyone said their seam ripper is a necessity and it seems we all have a love/ hate relationship with it! Grab a Clover Seam Ripper HERE.
7. Wonder Clips - You can grab a pack of 100 Wonder Clips for less than $8 HERE. These are faster than pins, makes it easy to hold multiple layers, you cannot poke yourself :) and you will not poke a hole through your fabric! 
8. Ott Light - The Ott Light solves your lighting problems! Most of us moms find ourselves sewing at night once the kids are asleep, but that leaves us in the dark, literally. :) The Ott Light gives you a natural daylight illumination! You can find it on amazon HERE.
9. Cutting Mats   I think we all agree we can never have a cutting mat large enough for what we are working on, but we cannot live without it! If you are using a Rotary Cutter, you need a self healing cutting mat! The larger, the better! 
10. Hem Gauge  Use with a steam iron and press your hems before you sew! Many of you mentioned this tool! 
11. Clover Bias Tape Maker Kit - This one is a necessity if you are a quilter and helps you create your own bias tape!
12. The Purple Thang - this tool pushes, prods, pokes and turns! 
14. Sergers - TONS of options HERE! My favorite is the Jukki Pearl HERE  and I also sew with an old Singer Serger similar to this one HERE. If you love to sew clothing and do not own a serger, consider getting yourself one! It feeds the fabric beautifully, allows you to sew knits with ease and gives you a professional serged seam! You will never go back! 
15. Good Quality Fabrics - I fell in love with Alabama Chanin knit fabrics a few years back when I took a class with her in Tennessee. She is known worldwide as the Queen of Cotton and teaches about sustainability and the ability to grow organic cotton from seeds and then turned into gorgeous midweight knit fabric, all made in the USA. The Confident Stitch carries an array of her knit solids HERE.
16. Floor Lamp - This table and floor lamp from Naturalight is great for hobbies and crafts!

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