5 Ways to Increase your Etsy Shop Views

5 Steps to Increase your Etsy Shop Views

We have all been there and I have too! You created a product, took great photos, wrote a listing description, shared it on social media and waited for sales. And waited. And waited. Then you posted on social media again and waited. But sales never came, so you waited some more. You tweaked your descriptions, worked on SEO and then sat back and waited again. After a while you were so discouraged that you wanted to give up, but you knew you had a great product. 
Don't give up! Maximize your etsy views with these 5 simple steps. 
I use these constantly to grow and improve my etsy shop and I hope my experience can help you!
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1. Create a community and share more of yourself and your items.
 People need to know you! Let them know where to find you! Pick 2 forms of social media and start there. Do you prefer instagram? Show up. Every single day. Post a new photo of a product, inspire others through your words or favorite quotes, share a picture of you making your item, show off your workspace, take them through your day on IG stories...let them see you being you! Show them that you are the expert on creating your product. Prefer facebook? Start a facebook group where you can share the same things. (My group is where I get to know my customers, ask them what they want next, show them sneak peeks, let them share what they make and more!) Let people know about your instagram and facebook groups in your etsy shop listings and shop announcements. You can post your etsy shop link to your instagram and facebook group and also add the same links in your product description. Sharing more of yourself and your items, will bring more views to your shop. Consistency is key.
2. Get your products out into the community. 
Find influencers and get your product in their hands. Who are your favorite people to follow? In my business since I sell sewing patterns, I connect with fabric store owners! I send followers their way, share about their sales, sponsor a prize when they are doing a giveaway and in return they sponsor a prize when I am running a sew along or contest! We serve each other! Find your people. Connect with them. Start commenting regularly on their instagram or blog posts. Be yourself. Once you have a relationship established find out what they charge for a sponsored post. Sometimes they will offer a review in exchange for a product. Just make sure their audience is the the same audience you are looking for as your customers. Don't just go after the big influencers with huge audiences. Vary it. Start small by finding micro influencers (smaller audiences under 1000) and offering them a product in exchange for a review. The more exposure you get, the more traffic your shop gets.
3. Create Communication - Build an Email List of Interested Customers
Once you build your community you need to stay in regular contact with them. The best way to do this is to create an email list of people that are interested in your product. The way to get them to sign up for your list is to create value for them. Do you sell jewelry? Offer them a free download that you create to show them 20 ways to wear the hottest new trend. Do you sell wooden signs for weddings? Show them 20 wooden sign inspiration photos and include a few of yours in there, too! Offer value with what you know. What makes you the expert? Share that knowledge with them. People want to know what you know. Offer them an opportunity to stay in contact with you and learn from you, then commit to showing up in their inbox once a week. Stay consistent and connected to them. It builds your reputation as an expert and they will want to hear from you again and again. 
4. Seek feedback from your customers/audience.
Ask your audience what they want from you. My customers give me the most engagement when I ask them what they are looking for in my next season's designs. I respond to each comment in our facebook group (if I can keep up!) and ask them more questions about it or tell them it's a great idea or let them know I am adding it to my inspiration list! This not only lets them know that I listen to my audience but I truly value what they have to say. Your audience has the answers. You just need to ask them. If you ask them what they want and create what they want, they will be shopping from you when you list it!
5. Listen to customer feedback/reviews and use them to improve.
There is so much value in customer feedback. Listen to it to improve your product or service that you are offering. Every single time. If multiple customers are saying the same things about your products that they are unhappy with or happy with, listen to them. You want to sell the best product or service that you can. Respond to their feedback and be thankful for it whether it is good or bad. Most people don't leave reviews, so when someone does, use that information to make your product even better or if it's positive feedback embrace it! Enjoy it and be glad that you can help give your customers exactly what they are looking for! Constantly improving your product will gather attention from past customers and likely make them repeat customers. If you offered them value and a memorable experience before they are most likely to return to your shop to check out future offerings! When you do improve a product, relaunch an item or create something new....let your customers know!
Use your email list to spread the word and link it back to your shop to show them where they can find it. 
I hope these tips help you increase views to your etsy shop or ecommerce store.
I'd love to have you come join our FREE FACEBOOK GROUP where I teach you actionable steps to grow your shop, make more sales and meet other etsy shop owners ready to hustle!
Jenny Hall

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