Addie Top and Dress bishop sleeve pattern for women Sew Along Day 2 Seamingly Smitten sewing patterns for women

The Addie Top bishop sleeve sewing pattern for women
Sew Along Day 2
The #addiechallenge is here! Sew something for yourself before the holiday rush begins!
Don't forget to add a photo to instagram with hashtag #addiechalleng and/or add one to our facebook group HERE to be entered to win some fabulous prizes! 
Welcome to The Addie Top / Dress Sew Along! I'm so glad you are here!
This week we are having an Addie Top sewing along and here is our schedule! I tried to include a little sewing each day, so at the end of the week you have a brand new top!
Monday: DAY 1 CLICK HERE choose your fabric and assemble your pattern
Tuesday: measure for your size, cut the paper pattern and cut your fabric
Wednesday: assemble the bodice, iron on the interfacing, attach the facing
Thursday: attach the sleeves, ruffles
Friday: add cuffs and hem your top or dress then start sending in those photos!!

Starting Friday through next Wednesday, November 27th you can add a picture of you wearing your new Addie Top in our facebook group and be entered to win some cool prizes!!
1st Place: a $40 gift card to Sly Fox Fabrics and 3 free Seamingly Smitten sewing patterns
2nd Place: a $20 gift card to Seweird Fabrics and 3 free Seamingly Smitten sewing patterns
3rd Place: a $20 gift card to Milly Mae Fabrics and 3 free Seamingly Smitten sewing patterns

Read to get inspired? Of course you are!! Check out these awesome tops and dress below then head on over to grab a copy of your know you want to try those sleeves, am I right?!?

If you want to watch the VIDEO you can watch it HERE in our facebook group!

Day 2
1. Let's measure to cut your bodice. Measure your full bust. Add 2.5 inches to that number. Divide that by 4. That is the width of the bodice that you want to use from the fold line out to under the underarms.
2. Measure from your shoulder down to where you want the end of the bodice to attach to the ruffle. Add one inch to that. Measure from the top of the bodice down to that length. That is the length you want to cut.
3. Measure from your sleeve down to your wrist, with your arm bent. Add 1 inch to that. That is the length of the sleeve from the armsysce down to the sleeve hem's edge that you want to cut out.
4. Measure from where your bodice will end/ ruffle with begin, down to where you want your top or dress to end. I chose slightly above the knee. It is 20 inches long. So I will cut a 20 inch long skirt from the pattern piece.
5. Cut out a your paper pattern pieces for the bodice, sleeve, skirt or top ruffle, front facing, back facing.
6. Cut your pattern pieces out using your fabric.
7. Cut out your interfacing piece. Cut around each interfacing piece 3/8 inches. This trims it down so the interfacing will not be in the seam allowance.
8. Come back tomorrow so we can start sewing!

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