Callie Wrap Dress Separates HACK TUTORIAL

Callie Dress Separates Hack from the Callie Wrap Dress
You can make a Wrap Top and a Circle Skirt to add to your capsule wardrobe! 
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One of my fabulous testers, Brittanie, posted in our facebook group that she turned her Callie Wrap Dress into separates! Separates! Can you believe it? She turned hers into a wrap top with a banded waist and a circle skirt with a banded waist! That way she can sew 2 tops and wear it with her 1 skirt, or sew 2 skirts and 1 top, or 2 and 2...the possibilities are endless! What a fantastic way to start your capsule wardrobe, too!

Take it away, Brittanie!

Callie Dress Separates Hack

Hey everybody! My name is Brittanie and I’m here to show y’all how I hacked the Callie Wrap
Dress into separates! Turning the Callie dress into separates is an easy way to expand your
wardrobe without using up all your pretty fabric. You can make crop tops, or a bunch or circle
skirts! I like making several tops that I can Mix and Match with different skirts.
2 tops+2 skirts=4 outfits!

For my top, I’m using an olive rayon spandex, and for the skirt I’m using a gorgeous floral
techno scuba from Amelia Lane Designs.

1. To begin, cut out all your pattern pieces (bodice back, bodice front (mirror images), sleeves,
skirt, and optional neckband)

2. Follow the pattern directions for assembling the bodice. Refer to the Sew-A-Long videos if
you need any help!

3. For the next step, measure your waist at the spot you want your skirt and top to sit. Take
that measurement and multiply it by .80 or .85 depending on the stretch of your fabric (I
did .80 for this rayon spandex). Example: Waist= 43 inches. 43x.80=34.4. I round up to 35
for seam allowance. 35 will be the length of the band for your top and skirt.

4. Now you need to decide how wide to make your bands. To do this, I like to try on the
bodice and measure the length between the bottom of the bodice, and where I would like
the finished bodice to sit. I wanted my top to be 4 inches longer, so I cut my band 8 inches
wide. So my band will be 35x8.

5. Once your bands are cut, you will fold the band in half length wise, and sew together the
short ends (SHOWN BELOW). Now, fold you band in half width wise and mark the band in quarters.

6. Take your bodice and mark the quarters. With your bodice right side out, place the band on
top of it (right sides together) and match up the quarters you’ve marked.

7. Sew or serge the band to the bodice, carefully stretching the band to fit. Make sure not to
stretch your bodice.

8. Repeat steps 6 and seven for your skirt.

That’s it, you’re done! Make sure to upload all your beautiful pictures in the group so I can
see them!

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