Callie Wrap Dress sewing pattern Sew Along Day 3

Callie Wrap Dress sewing pattern Sew Along Day 
Day 3 - Assembling the bodice of the wrap dress
(attaching sleeves, neckband and sewing side seams)
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I am so excited about our Callie Wrap Dress sewing pattern SEW ALONG! Thank you so much to our fabulous sponsor, Evelyn Lee, of Seweird Fabrics!! She has so graciously sponsored the sew along and is giving away one $25 store credit to her shop! $25 of fabric!! Yes, please!! Go ahead and check out her fabrics to plan out all the beauties you would get if you win!!
Want to join the sew along?

Each day we will do a few steps and by Friday you will have a finished dress to wear out next weekend! Can you believe it? Yes!! It's that simple! Instead of worrying about finding all the time to print, cut fabric, sew, hem...we are going to split up all that work so you can do this in just 20 minutes a day!

Here's the plan:
Monday: Print your pattern, assemble pattern, cut your size  (Blog HERE and Video HERE)
Tuesday: Cut out your fabric (Blog HERE / Video HERE)
Wednesday: Sew shoulders, band or hem neckline, attach sleeves if adding them, sew side seams
Thursday: finish up bodice if needed, then attach the circle skirt
Friday: hem sleeves and circle skirt and you're done!!

Day 3
1. Lay your back bodice right sides up. 
2. Lay your front bodices right sides together on your back bodice, matching the bottom edges, side edges and shoulders. If you are adding sleeves pin along the shoulder edges only. If you are NOT adding sleeves, pin along the shoulder and side seams. Sew.
3. Find the center of each sleeve, pin center of sleeve to the shoulder seam with right sides together. Continue pinning each sleeve along the armhole, pin, then sew.
4. Iron your neckband in half with WRONG sides together. Spread out the neckline and lay the neckband right sides together along your neckline, with raw edges matching. Pin. Sew.
5. Press neckband with an iron and press seam allowances under. Topstitch using a 1/8 inch seam allowance. Press again with iron.
6. Lay bodice right sides together. Pin from your sleeve's edge down the side edges. Sew.
7. You are done for today!

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