Claire Cardigan Sew Along Day 3

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Claire Cardigan Sew Along Day 3 
Welcome to our Claire Cardigan Sew Along!! (PATTERN HERE!) Use coupon: SAVE40 at checkout to save 40% OFF your entire purchase! 
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Day 3 Pin and Sew
Day 4 Hem 
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Day 3 is time to sew!
Love a video? Come watch me sew on you tube! 
1. If you are adding pockets, hem the top edge of your pocket 1/2 an inch. Pin and sew. Press back the left side, right side and bottom edge of your pocket. 
2. Lay your front cardigan pieces right side up. Place your pockets ____inches below
the top inner edge and centered. Pin.
Petite: 21 inches
Regular: 22 inches
Tall: 23 inches
3. Sew around the sides and bottom edge of your pockets.
4. Lay the back piece right side up and lay the cardigan fronts right sides down. Match and pin the shoulders and side seams. Make sure to mark where you want your side slit to begin.
5. Sew along the shoulders and side seams, making sure to stop sewing where you want your side slit to begin. 
6. Lay your sleeves right side together, pin and sew along the bottom edge. 
7. With cardigan inside out and sleeves right side out, insert the sleeves into the armholes, beginning with the wrist edge first until the entire sleeve in inside the armhole. Match the side seam of the cardigan and sleeve seam first and pin. Match the center of the sleeve to the shoulder seam of the cardigan and pin. Continue evenly pinning each sleeve.
8. Sew around each sleeve using a 3/8 inch seam allowance. 

Turn right side out and see what you made!! Now is a great time to try on your cardigan! 
Tomorrow we will hem the bottom, neckline and front and side slits!
See you then!

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