Claire Cardigan Sewing Pattern Sew Along Day 2

Claire Cardigan Sew Along Day 2

Assembling the pattern and Cutting the Fabric

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Day 2 Cut your fabric
Day 3 Pin and Sew
Day 4 Hem 
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Yesterday we talked about choosing your fabric and all the PRIZES YOU CAN WIN!!  You can find that post HERE. Today we are going to assemble the pattern and cut out the fabric. Let's get started!

1. Printing your patternWhen you print, make sure your printer is set to Page Scaling NONE or Print at 100%. Make sure your 1 inch square or 5cm square measures correctly.
**A0 Copy Shop Printing: If you are printing in A0 format, print the last page of this pattern on a large format printer. No taping required. 

Assembling your pattern - I like to make a stack of one row at a time (4 pages) and trim along the bottom and right side of each page. Then I lay out the pages horizontally and match up the diamond shapes along the page borders until I have my top row completed and tape. I always tape at the cutting lines of my size, so as I cut out, it will stick together.

Pages trimmed and diamonds matched for top row
Then take your next row of pages (4 pages), stack and trim the bottom and right sides. Lay out your second row and tape together.
 Repeat until your pattern is complete.

2. Choosing your size. For the cardigan pattern I chose my size based on my bust size. Look at the size chart on page 2 to find your size. 

Determining cardigan length:  You can easily add on length to this cardigan! Some of you may want to make a longer version or even a duster cardigan! Simply lower the bottom horizontal line as many inches as you need. That will be your new hem cutting line. To get the perfect length, measure from the top of your shoulder down to where you want your cardigan hem to hit and write that down. To do this, I measure from my shoulder, down and over my bust and down to my mid thigh. I want a desired final length of 31 inches. When I cut, I will make sure from the top of the shoulder pattern piece down to the bottom hem is 32 inches because I need to add 1 inch for seam allowance and lower hem. 

Determining sleeve length: To measure the sleeve length you need, measure from the top of your arm to 1 inch below your wrist while your arm is slightly bent. I get 23 inches and then I add 1 inch to get a sleeve length of 24 inches. Some of you may want to add extra length if you like to tuck your hands into your sleeves when you are chilly!  

When I measure the length of my sleeve pattern piece I need to cut mine at 24 inches long if I am not adding a cuff. If you are adding a cuff, you will subtract 3 from your number and make sure your sleeve length is long enough. If I was adding  a cuff I would make sure my sleeve is 24 - 3 = 21 inches long. 

If you are adding cuffs, cut two strips
according to size:
XS: 8 inches long x 8.25 inches wide
Small: 8 inches long x 8.5 inches wide
Medium: 8 inches long x 9 inches wide
Large: 8 inches long x 9.5 inches wide
XLarge: 8 inches long x 10 inches wide
XXLarge: 8 inches long x 10.5 inches wide
XXLarge: 8 inches long x 11 inches wide

3. Cut out your pattern pieces Using the measurements taken above, cut out your pattern pieces for the cardigan bodice (cutting along the higher BACK neckline) and sleeve.

4. Cut out a back piece. Lay your cardigan BACK on the fold and cut around your pattern piece.

5. Cut out a front piece. Trim along the cardigan front neckline, lay your pattern piece on your folded fabric and cut around your front pattern piece. This is NOT cut on the fold. I placed it close to the fold to save fabric.

6. Cut out your sleeves. Lay your sleeve pattern piece on the fold. Cut around your pattern piece and repeat so you have 2 sleeves.

7. Cut out pockets (optional).

XS, S or Medium 8 in long x 7 in wide
L, XL, XXL or XXXL 9 in long x 8 in wide

You're done for the day!!
All your pattern pieces are ready and tomorrow you sew!!
Hope to see you then!
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Happy Sewing!!

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