How to Sew a V Neckline in Knit for the Cowl Neck Poncho PDF sewing pattern

How to Sew a V Neckband Tutorial 
Last week we debuted this Women's Cowl Neck Hooded Poncho and our Girl's Cowl Neck Hooded Poncho sewing patterns! We even have them in a bundle HERE and you can save 50% with code SAVE50 at checkout this week!
Sometimes you may not want to wear a hood or a cowl neck, but instead make it a poncho that can have layers underneath! This V Neck Poncho tutorial is just what you are looking for on those days!
How to Sew a V Neckband
1. Cut a poncho back piece, then cut a poncho front piece and cut a 6 inch deep V on the front of your poncho. *I used 6 inches for mine and my daughter's but you can go raise or lower here. 
2. Pin the front and back at the shoulders and sew the shoulders using a 3/8 inch seam allowance. 
3. Measure the neckline opening. I lay my measuring tape around it, take that number and multiply by .8 to get my neckline measurement. Here it is 21 inches x 0.8 = 16.8 so we can round up to 17. 
Cut a 2 inch tall by 17 inches wide neckband. You want the stretch going width wise, so the 17 inch side has the most stretch. 
4. Lay your neckband piece right sides together and find the center of the 2 inch side. Go over 1 inch onto your fabric and pin at this center mark. 
5. Sew from the top right corner to the pin, pivot and sew back down to the bottom right corner of your neckband. Cut out this sideways V shape. 
6. Fold the neckband down wrong sides together so you have a pretty V neckline on your neckband. Press with an iron. Baste the bottom left 3 inches and bottom right 3 inches of the v neckline using a 1/8 inch seam allowance to hold the neckband in place. 
6. Baste stitch the v neckline of your poncho. I baste stitch about 3 inches on either side of the v. 
7. Clip up to the V but not through it to give the V some ease. 
8. Match the neckband V to the poncho V. Pin at the center along your basting stitch. This is to hold the V in place.
9. Turn the left side of the neckband and lay it flat onto the V neckline, keeping the center V's steady. Place a few pins going about 3 or 4 inches along the left neckline to get the V neck started. 
Sew using a 3/8 inch seam allowance. Pivot at the center V and continue with pinning and sewing the right side of the neckband to the right front neckline for about 3 or 4 inches. 
10. Flip neckband up and check out your center point. 
11. Pin the rest of the neckband evenly spaced throughout the rest of the neckline. Sew using a 3/8 inch seam allowance.
Sew the rest of the Women's Cowl Neck Poncho or Girl's Cowl Neck Poncho as stated in the pattern. Enjoy!!

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