Sazerac Shift Dress SEW ALONG Day 2 - Sew the shoulders and side seams

Sazerac Shift Dress Sew Along
Day 2
I am so glad you all are joining me this week to make yourself a Sazerac Shift Dress (Grab the pattern here!) We will do a few steps each day of the pattern and by Friday you can wear it, share it and show it off! I cannot wait to see pictures of your dresses! You can tag us on instagram #sazeracdress #seaminglysmitten or share it in our facebook group HERE!

Here's the plan:
Monday - CLICK HERE - Day 1 print your pattern, choose your size, cut out fabric pieces
Tuesday - sew dress at side seams and shoulders
Wednesday - sew sleeve seams and inset sleeves
Thursday - hem sleeves, neckline and dress hem
Friday - finish, wear it and share it!!
Yesterday we printed the pattern, chose your size and cut out our fabric pieces. Find DAY 1 HERE if you missed it! Sewing for just a few minutes a day makes sewing so much easier! But I have to be honest, it was kind of hard putting the fabric down and walking away from it once it was cut! :) Anybody else feel that way? So, today I'm excited for us to continue!
Let's get started!
1. Pin the side seams (we are on step 9 in the pattern). Lay your dress pieces right sides together.
Pin both shoulders and dress side seams. 

2. Sew pinned edges. Sew along your pinned edges on the shoulders and side seams using a 3/8 inch seam allowance. 

3. Serge or zig-zag stitch the raw edges. Trim threads. 
4. Iron. Press your side seams towards the back of the dress. Press your shoulder seams toward the back of the dress. Ironing the seam really gives it a more professional finish and helps the seam lay flat. 

Want to see what it looks like?? Go ahead and try it on! It isn't finished, obviously, but slip it on and see how it looks! Once we add sleeves and give it some hems it will be done!!
That's it for today! That didn't take long at all! Go enjoy your day and I will see you here tomorrow to assemble and attach those sleeves!
Let me know how it's going! I would love to hear!

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