Sazerac Shift Dress SEW ALONG Day 3 - assemble and attach the sleeves

Sazerac Shift Dress Sew Along
Day 3
I am so glad you all are joining me this week to make yourself a Sazerac Shift Dress (get the pattern here)! We will do a few steps each day of the pattern and by Friday you can wear it, share it and show it off! I cannot wait to see pictures of your dresses! You can tag us on instagram #sazeracdress #seaminglysmitten or share it in our facebook group HERE!

Here's the plan:
Monday -  DAY 1 - CLICK HERE print your pattern, choose your size, cut out fabric pieces
Tuesday - DAY 2 - CLICK HERE sew dress at side seams and shoulders
Wednesday - sew sleeve seams and inset sleeves
Thursday - hem sleeves, neckline and dress hem
Friday - finish, wear it and share it!!
I hope you all enjoyed sewing your dress together yesterday! Didn't that go by quickly? Hopefully today's steps will go just as well for you! We are assembling and attaching the sleeves today. Even if you have not inset sleeves before, you CAN do it!! Look at the pictures, take your time and use lots of pins! Ready? Here we go!
Let's get started! 
1. Assemble sleeves Lay each sleeve right sides together. Pin down the length of each sleeve. 


Sew down your pinned edge using a 3/8 inch seam allowance. Serge or zig-zag stitch the raw edges to reduce fraying. 

Serged edge close up.

2. OPTIONAL: Baste stitch the armhole curve. To help gather the sleeve to fit in the armhole, run a 3 or 4 inch basting stitch centered along the fold of each sleeve armhole curve using a 1/8 inch seam allowance. Remember to leave a 6 inch tail of thread at the beginning and ending of your stitches. This will help you gather the sleeve when you inset the sleeve into the armhole in the dress OR you can gather it by hand and pin. It's your choice! 

3. Inset the sleeve and pin. Turn dress inside out. Turn sleeves right side out. Insert one sleeve into one armhole – the sleeve hem’s edge goes in first. Next, match the sleeve seam to the side seam of the armhole of the dress. Pin all around the armhole starting from the side seam up to the shoulder seam. Repeat for the other sleeve. If you need to gather the sleeve fabric, gather it near the shoulder seams evenly.

*Make sure you insert the sleeve with the sleeve edge (the part that will be by your wrist) into the armhole first. The picture below shows you the armholes matching, but you will revers it and slide in the sleeve edge first so the armholes will match - then pin!
 Pin well.

4. Sew the pinned sleeves to attach them to the dress. Sew around the armhole using a 3/8 inch seam allowance. Remove pins as you sew. Repeat for the other sleeve. Serge or zig-zag stitch raw edges. 

You did it!! You inset your sleeves! Not bad, right? Go ahead and try on the dress! See if it fits! Tomorrow we add sleeve cuffs (optional) and hem the neckline, sleeves and dress! I would love to hear how it's going for you! Email me, comment below or post on our facebook group page here! Happy Sewing! 

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