Sazerac Shift Dress SEW ALONG DAY 5 - adding an elastic waist

Sazerac Shift Dress Sew Along
Day 5
I am so glad you all are joining me this week to make yourself a Sazerac Shift Dress (get the pattern here)! I cannot wait to see pictures of your dresses that you either finished yesterday, or are finishing today if you want to add the elastic at the waist!

Please share your photos so everyone can see!! You can tag us on instagram #sazeracdress #seaminglysmitten or share it in our facebook group HERE!

Here's the plan:
Monday -  CLICK HERE - DAY 1 print your pattern, choose your size, cut out fabric pieces
Tuesday - CLICK HERE - DAY 2 sew dress at side seams and shoulders
Wednesday - CLICK HERE - DAY 3 sew sleeve seams and inset sleeves
Thursday -CLICK HERE - DAY 4 hem sleeves, neckline and dress hem
Friday - finish, wear it and share it!!

Let's Get Started
1. Adding an Elastic Waist OPTIONAL: Turn your dress inside out and try it on. Mark your natural waist or where you want the dress to be gathered by placing a pin on each side seam. OR Turn your dress inside out and measure from the bottom of each armhole down the side seam _____ inches and place a pin.

*If you typically wear “tall” clothing, add 3 inches to the measurement below. If you typically wear “petite” clothing, subtract 1 inch from the measurements below.
XS – 12 inches below top edge
Small – 12.5 inches below top edge
Medium – 13 inches below top edge
Large – 13.5 inches below top edge
X-Large – 14 inches below top edge.
*shown below -Marking 12 inches
2. Cut the elastic. Cut a piece of ¼ inch or 3/8 inch elastic according to your size in chart below OR *for the best fit, wrap the elastic snugly around your waist, add an inch and cut it to that size.
XS – 24 inches
Small – 25 inches
Medium – 27 inches
Large – 30 inches
X-Large – 33 inches
XX-Large – 37 inches
XXXLarge – 40 inches
3. Sew the elastic into a loop. Sew the ends of your elastic together to make a loop. Place 4 marks (with a marker or chalk) on your elastic loop to show the left side, right side and front and back
middle of the loop.

4. Mark four equally spaced sections. Mark the center front and center back of the dress parallel with the side seam marks you made.

5. Attach elastic. Insert the dress into the elastic loop. Pin the elastic around the dress by matching the four marks. This will evenly space the elastic. *Make sure you are pinning it to the inside of
the dress/ the wrong side of the dress fabric. Sew on the elastic using a zig zag stich and stretching the elastic gently as you go, making sure the dots meet up as you sew. Trim threads. *You need to stretch the elastic so it will gather the fabric back up when you let go of it.

You did it!!
You just made yourself a Sazerac Shift Dress!!
Here are my pictures! I paired it with neutral heels and some Kendra Scott earrings and a lapis necklace and then I paired it with a faux suede cardigan from Article and Thread Boutique.


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